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Rosebowl Classic  35

Bowling is Friday June 1st through Saturday June 2nd
Banquet is Sunday June 3rd

Portland, Oregon

Please Note:  Our 2018 PDF Entry form will be available for download online by April 1, 2018. 
Our online registration form will be activated on April 1, 2018.


Please remember that there is a 3.5% Fee for using PayPal! Thank you.

Entry Form in PDF format >> NOTE: Due to size, this may take a few minutes

2018 Online Register


 ** NEW for 2018**

As many of you have heard, our options for bowling houses in Portland continues to decrease.  For Rose Bowl Classic 35 we have chosen King Pins Lanes West or Sunset Lanes in Beaverton. 


For 35 Years Portland’s Rose Bowl Classic has prided itself on originality and creativity in presenting you with our renowned Portland’s Party Tournament.  There is no other tournament quite like Portland’s Rose Bowl Classic…from our original Pathetic Performance Insurance to our pure .999 Silver Awards to our unique format for bowling, Rose Bowl Classic enjoys a legacy of originality, tradition and integrity in providing participants with a quality bowling experience in the name of fellowship, unity and communication - the ideals of the International Gay Bowling Organization (IGBO).

Classic Rose Bowl
since our inception, Portland’s Rose Bowl Classic has offered a two event format of Doubles & Team, where Singles is an All Events combination of your Doubles and Team.  This reduces your commitment on the lanes, and allows you more time to party.  Bowlers don’t travel all this distance just to hang around in the gutters! Plus this allows you to have a leisurely Awards Brunch on Sunday morning concluding by 1:15 pm, so those who wish to return home early can do so.  Additionally this allowed us to keep our entry fee as one of the lowest.

 Rose Bowl Classic Xtra
Over the years we have added a variety of unique optional events.  In 2016 Rose Bowl Classic began offering an optional NINE GAME Format for those who like bowling all nine games, instead of the six that have been the mainstay of our Rose Bowl Classic.  In 2016 and 2017, one third of our bowlers chose the 9 game format, so we have decided to continue this experience.

The way this will work is that our tournament will continue to offer our traditional format of Doubles & Team/with Singles as an All Events of all six games that we will call ROSE BOWL CLASSIC.  However, you can choose the optional 9 game format, Rose Bowl Classic Xtra, for an additional fee.  That additional fee will cover the lanes cost, a Singles only event.Those who enter this option will not be included in the Singles All Events of all six games.  They will have their own, exclusive Singles Payout.  Everyone will still compete on a regular basis in Doubles and Team.  When we complete the entry form, the option will have a fee that will bring the total Entry fee back up to the average tournament entry fee at most other tournaments.


How does this new format work?

Rose Bowl Classic: For those wishing to bowl the original Rose Bowl Classic, nothing will change.  Your entry fee is still only a low $87.  You bowl your Doubles either Friday night June 1st or Saturday morning June 2nd.  Your team event would then follow at the first team shift at 1pm on Saturday June 2nd.  Your Singles is still an All Events by combining your Doubles and Team event scores. 

 Rose Bowl Classic XTRA: For those wishing to bowl NINE game format, there is a $20 fee to cover the additional lane fees, plus Singles payout.  If you desire to bowl this format of three events, you must bowl your Doubles on Friday night, your Singles Saturday morning June 2nd at 10 am, followed by Team Event at 1pm, (depending upon first come first served basis for Team Event time slot).

For those entering the Full Rose Bowl Classic XTRA, the $20 fee will first pay the lane fees, and then the additional fee will be proportioned out to cover a Singles Event Payout.  Payouts will be dependent upon the number of registrations received for the Nine game/Three Event format. 

We have cleared the scoring portion of this "two tournament format" in one, with our Registrar/ Scoring Master, Tim Tkacik. 


MAIN: Base entry fee of only $87.00 or Rose Bowl Classic XTRA with a base fee of only $107.    (These are the USBC Sanctioned events.)

We leave bountiful time for partying.  We are still one of the lowest priced tournaments at only $87.00 for our Rose Bowl CLASSIC format.

ALL OPTIONAL are unsanctioned events due to the nature of these being optional.

* Best 3 out of 6  Games: Best 3 out of 6 games, is based on Doubles and Team scores.  Because not everyone bowls 9 games, we use only the Doubles and Team. See the Entry form.

* Our Unique PATHETIC PERFORMANCE INSURANCE is Included with every Entry .
If you do not win any money in our Team, Doubles, or Singles All Events, your name is entered into a random drawing to win a free entry for the following year.  This is a change from previous years where it was a refund of entry fee.



REGISTRATION – Fri. June 1st, 6 PM – 9 PM at

Sunset LanesKing Pins Lanes
12770 SW Walker Road, Beaverton, just off Cedar Hills Blvd
Beaverton, OR
(503) 646-1116

(Registration packets for Friday evening bowlers are available at King Pins Lanes from 6 PM on. 
Arrive early to allow yourself plenty of time for the practice!)


SHIFT A        Doubles – Fri June 1st , 7:00 PM
                      Team – Sat June 2nd    1:00 PM

or SHIFT B     Doubles – Sat June 2nd, 9:00 AM
                    Team – Sat June 2nd   1:00 PM


** If you are going to bowl the 9 game format, you must bowl your Doubles on Friday Night
Doubles – Fri June 1st , 7:00 PM
  Singles – Sat June 2nd   10:00 A

Team – Sat June 2nd   1:00 PM

Please note: King Pins Lanes is our new home for Rose Bowl Classic.  It is a 40 Lanes House, and typically we have exceeded that number of teams.  We will keep bowlers informed should a second shift become necessary.

 AWARDS BRUNCH - Sun June 3rd 11 AM-1 PM.
The Awards Banquet is at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas, just off I-205,
and a direct shot to the Portland International Airport.

($10.00 Late fees apply after this date!)

No entries accepted after May 15, 2018


Portland’s original Pathetic Performance Insurance Protection provides that some lucky bowlers will receive a free entry to the following year Rose Bowl Classic if they fail to place in the cash column. We draw at random up to two names to refund you BASE entry fee.  This does not include additional option fees.  (Free Entry is based on what the bowler has actually paid for Base Entry Fee. No refunds on free entries.)  This program is FREE to you.

Attendees at Rose Bowl Classic tend to have a variety of taste of where they want to stay.  With many of our bars having now spread out across the city, and with no "gay" center of Portland, we have left the recommended hotels open.  However, we would like to suggest that youuse Expedia and look up the University Place Hotel, 310 SE Lincoln St. in downtown Portland.  at the time of this listing, the rates were ranging from $119 to $139,  Parking in only $15.  Light Rail is Close by.  We would be glad to give advice based on whether you want to stay near the bowling alley, or towards downtown (more expensive).  In a nutshell, it is often best to check Expedia.com or Hotels.com for the best rates in Portland near the Bowling Alley.

Portland has another original program meant to reward first timers at our Rose Bowl Classic.  By indicating on the entry form that this is your first time, you are entered in a bonus category to win cash prizes for high scores and series in both the men’s and women’s categories.  This program is FREE to you.  Our sponsors provide the cash awards.

Best 3 out of 6 Games
Best 3 out of 6 games, Scores from your Doubles and Team events for a great cash payout.  See the Entry form.

$35.00 Prize Fund
$27.00 Banquet
$20.00 Lane Fee
$  5.00 Administrative (Awards, Name Tags, Annual Collectors Lapel Pin, etc.)
$87.00 - Total



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