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Rosebowl Classic  32
Payment Info:

Rosebowl Classic will accept personal checks until May 1, 2015.  The base entry fee is $79.
After May 1st all payments must be by money order, cashiers check or cash or PayPal.

May 1st is the official deadline for Rosebowl Classic 32,
Entries postmarked after May 1, 2015, have a base Entry Fee of $89, which includes a $10.00 Late Fee Payment
Our drop-dead final date to accept any entries, even with Late Fees, is May 16th, 2015

NOTE: Rose Bowl Classic now accepts Credit card payments through PayPal.  The use of PayPal is meant to provide a convenient method of payment for our participants.  We hate to have to charge a processing fee, but everytime a bowler/team uses PayPal there is an associated fee that can impact your prize fund.  Like any tournament, Rose Bowl Classic has fixed costs that have been budgeted for.  Paying for the PayPal fee removes funds that could be used for the benefit of all in our prize fund.

Complete the Rosebowl Classic entry form and calculate your costs, then:

Steps for making payments online:
1. Please go to www.paypal.com
2. Our account name is Pdxbowl@comcast.net
3. Payment would be considered as "Services" since you are not purchasing goods.
4. Please remember that there is a 3.5% processing fee for each bowler being covered by the payment.  (For your base entry fee of $79, that is only $2.76.  Your final fee will vary depending upon which side options you have chosen.
5. Please identify which team and/or individuals are being covered by the payment.
6. Your MAILED entry form should indicate that payment has been made via PayPal.
7. For questions or more info, please contact the Tournament Director or Registrar at Pdxbowl@comcast.net




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